Teaching Staff


NameFather NameQualificationDesignation
Dr. Anupam jain 9650495618 Teaching of Mathematics M.Sc. Mathematics, Ph.D. (Education Principal
Dr. Poonam Sindhu 7838474952 Teaching of Social Science M.A. (Political Science), Ph.D. (Education) Assistant Professor
Dr. Suman Devi 8448325123 Teaching of Economics M.A. Econimics, Ph.D. (Education) Assistant Professor
Ms. Sonia Mahi 8800581123 Teaching of English M.A. English, NET Qualified, Ph.D. Pursuing Assistant Professor
Dr. Sunil Kumar 9811000240 Teaching of Economics M.A. Economics, Ph.D. (Education) Assistant Professor
Ms. Kiran Kaushik 8570000506 Teaching of Physical Science M.Sc. Physics, NET Qualified Assistant Professor
Ms. Monika Chaudhary 9876742224 Perspective in Education M.A. (Public Administration), NET Qualified Assistant Professor
Ms. Deepshikha 9971405700 Teaching of English M.A. English, Ph.D. Pursuing Assistant Professor
Ms. Reeta Sharma 9999796227 Perspective in Education M.A. Psychology, NET Qulaified Assistant Professor
Ms. Neeta Rani 9911447877 Teaching of Hindi M.A. (Hindi), NET Qualified Assistant Professor